A general understanding of Howard Gardner’s theory & consider the implications for UK schools of adopting it.


All of which will appeal to pupils with a kinaesthetic learning preference.


By the end of the day, you will be amazed how much you can remember.

Hands-On Learning can be delivered as

We have some of the unique ways which will allow you to perform your best during any memory activities.

  1. 1
    How the brain remembers?

    The brain has a unique way of storing information for each individual from breaking down information to Mnemonics. We can help train your brain to perform its best when you are trying to bring out your best work.

  2. 2
    The importance of ``key-words``

    This is one of the most important ways your brain tries to remember a huge chunk of information which can allow you to be amazed by the information your brain can store.

  3. 3
    Making mnemonics memorable

    Mnemonic is a tactic which allows one to remember the information for the long term with easy means which allows the people to get the information right when trying to remover the basic concept.


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Creatively & To Support Learning

The Implications For The Curriculum

They have some of the best progressions into the ways they hand over the idea of learning with everyday aspect keeping the information relevant for a longer time.

Using MI To Personalize Learning

We cater to the individual needs when we are trying to bring in the required change, especially when it comes to something natural keeping memory alive.

The Classroom Of The Future

We use the digital platform as our classrooms, allowing one to their personalised learning curve which will grow in the pace that they need to have an impact.

Drama-Based Techniques

This is one of the oldest forms of technique where a concept is taught through drama which can be enacted live or in your brain.

Note-Taking & Recording Information

Taking the right notes is one of the easiest ways to bring in the right information in its chronological order which is the best way to get your information right.

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Smart Ideas for Saving Money on Your Gas & Electricity Bills

One of the smartest ways to save money on your energy bills is to compare gas and electricity suppliers. This is because the price of fuel seems to increase in price each year, and the company who had the best deal one year, may not be the cheapest in the following. year.

Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to compare gas and electricity suppliers using a price comparison site such as Utility Saving Expert. Simply answer a few basic questions about your current usage and you’ll be able to view the cheapest tariffs available to you. It only takes about 10 minutes to obtain a quote, and the process of switching has been streamlined, requiring very little effort on your part. Your household could be saving hundreds of pounds annually with a more competitive energy supplier.

To compare and switch energy suppliers, follow the five easy steps outlined below:

  1. Enter your postcode and select the fuel type you wish to compare.
  2. Select your existing energy supplier and add details about your current energy usage.
  3. A list of suitable tariffs will be presented to you, these can be filtered by price.
  4. Select the deal that is right for you.
  5. Confirm your selection and proceed to payment. You can now relax. You should be switched over to your new supplier within 21 days.

Why is comparing energy prices a good idea?

Customers who haven’t switched their energy tariff in the past few years are likely to be on a standard variable tariff (SVT). This is typically an energy supplier’s most expensive plan. By comparing and switching to a new fixed-rate or variable-rate deal, you could be saving hundreds of pounds each year on your domestic energy bills.

It’s important to know that there isn’t one provider who will always be the cheapest. This is why you should conduct an online comparison each time your existing deal ends. You don’t necessarily even need to switch away from your current supplier either. If you’re happy with your current provider, you can compare their other tariffs to ensure you’re paying a lower amount for your gas and electricity.

Which energy provider is the cheapest?

An energy supplier’s pricing will vary, depending on the region. Additionally, the amount you are expected to pay each month will largely depend on your gas and electricity consumption. Each energy company will target different areas of the country, whilst some will target the whole UK. Some firms even target varying levels of usage too. For example, you may be able to get a better deal with one supplier if you use a lot of gas and electricity, whilst other suppliers may offer you a cheaper rate if your usage is low.

Does my gas and electricity need to come from the same supplier?

You don’t need to buy both fuel types from the same company. You will be given the option to compare gas only or electricity only. If you do want both fuel types from the same supplier, select the ‘dual fuel’ option. For many customers, it’s more convenient to have both their gas and electricity supply from the same company, as it makes it easier to manage. However, it is worth comparing these energy sources from alternative firms as you may be able to save even more money.

Did you know that nearly four million households do not use gas for their heating in the UK? Furthermore, more than 50% of all non-gas households use electricity as their primary heating source, according to Ofgem.

What do I need to compare prices?

To compare gas and electricity prices, you just need your current address and a copy of your latest energy bill. If you don’t have your most recent bill, you can still compare prices by entering your average gas and electricity consumption amount, although your quote won’t be as accurate. Alternatively, you can obtain these details by contacting your current provider.

To make the switch, your contact and payment information will be required, as it allows your new supplier to take over your energy account.

Why am I currently paying so much for energy?

Your bill will largely depend on how much energy you currently consume. Here are a number of reasons why you’re likely paying more:

  • You’ve been moved over to a standard variable tariff as your fixed rate deal has come to an end.
  • Wholesale market prices have increased.
  • Energy is being lost as your home isn’t energy efficient.
  • Your meter readings haven’t been taken correctly and are inaccurate.

In summary, you should always compare energy tariffs once your existing deal has come to an end. By switching, you could save a significant amount of money each year on your bills. Online comparison sites such as Utility Saving Expert have made the whole process easier than ever, and it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes of your time.

Essential Rules of Poetry

A rhythm makes this world take each step towards development. Poems are the life-infusing agents that hold within it magic that can change the world’s perception radically. Art in its purest form through all of its modes communicate with people to make differences in their lives and to bring people closer. Millions across the globe write poems, but not everyone ruminates over the idea before penning down. Concepts always come in a snap of a finger and establishing it is altogether a different game. Talent alone doesn’t make the perfect poem; skills matter almost equally. Writing random self-driven content on emotions doesn’t always require much thought put into it as you are expressing all from your soul. But when it comes to communicating with people through your creativity, there has to be a certain amount of thought put into it before jotting down each word.

There are a few rules that have to be followed while writing poems. Poetry indeed is a medium to express thoughts and feelings in its purest format, but here you have to learn about the various rules that entail this artform.

1.      Understanding Your Goal

Everything from a business idea to painting a canvas has to have a well-defined goal, be it making the most tender scones in your city or criticizing a certain community or group of politicians. Similarly, poetry also should have a clear goal to be achieved. You should know for yourself the target and make moves accordingly. This step makes it easier for you to stick to your goal and conform to its rules.


2.      Step Out of the Bubble of Cliches

Having to read or watch the same thing all through the day will push the person into disinterest for all forms of art. Job makes a person program to the mundane activities of life, an escape from which is these poems and books to most of them. Try to avoid clichés that have become the face of poetry since its advent. Get into the uncharted zones of poetry that demand popularity and acceptance.

3.      The Sabotaging Sentimentality

Pity and love have been drained of their capability to serve the readers with novelty. Many poets have achieved popularity by capitalizing on the demand for emotionally-driven poems. But times have changed, and the audience is seeking for new content. Delve into the unconventional areas and scour through all the possibilities before making what you feel is the quintessential poetry.

4.      Images Help

Images Help

Many of the researchers and expert critics in the field of poetry say that adding details into the poem make it enhanced. Having qualities of making all the senses of a human being function will make a poem more popular. Adding images to please the sense of sight will improve the quality of your poetry.

5.      Metaphors are the Spirit

Words hit the reader harder when they have more profound meaning to it. Both imagery and writing that have surrealism and metaphors attached to it are likely to sell more and attract more people to it.

Critical Thinking: How to Help Your Students Become Better Learners

‘Having a brain’ is often the comment on which the entire conversation regarding rational decisions predicate. But that is not the healthiest or ideal way of progressing with the discussion. How are the various episodes of life influencing the age of cognition? Developing skills to decipher a conundrum is the process to which every growing human is to be programmed. Gathering all the information and stooping into books all day round will not help the students develop the essential critical thinking skill.

The ability to think and perceive things the way it is and to tackle the issue at hand with ease is the height of critical thinking. Students are bound to grow into the matured zone of life with proper education and guidance through the development of such skills. Have a look into how important these skills are over the knowledge gained through the different fonts and information in the papers.

Importance of Developing Critical Thinking Skills

Thinking Skills

Critical thinking is not the skill that one develops in time with least knowledge to surround them. Everything from schooling to proper parenting and even the interaction with people from different cultures will help a person in building an impregnable and robust personality. The relevance of critical thinking applies in the domains of career, acquiring knowledge and skills of language and self-understanding, and creativity.

  • Attaining critical thinking skills will undoubtedly help a person in tackling the day-to-day challenges in his/her profession and deal with career-related issues irrespective of the nature of their job.
  • With the changing face of the economy, one has to develop skills to move according to the trends. Keeping track of the hikes and drops in the economy is as important as learning to plan their money-handling.
  • Language and presentation skills only improve with developing critical skills. Expressing ideas and opinions takes a more refined path when it is backed by rational thinking.
  • Through reasoning and proper speculations and deductions of the imminent perils or consequences, everyone will develop a skill to deal with the issue creatively rather than being impulsive with it. New ideas in every domain of work usually stem out of people with strong critical thinking skills.
  • Self-reflecting gets easier with enhanced skills in critical thinking. Trying to understand oneself and to structure life according to the conscience gets more organized with these skills.

How to Instill Within the Students These Skills


  • Try and make the students understand the importance of setting goals for life and preparing themselves for it. Gradually instil within them the practices that lead to a skillful life.
  • Self-awareness is as equally important as helping them with the goals. Ask them to write a diary which will undoubtedly help them in developing a better personality through these skills that are attained.
  • Skepticism wouldn’t help the students, but genuine doubts and self-questioning about the works that they get involved in will surely help them.
  • Limiting the students to just one avenue of solving a problem or one source of knowledge will undermine the efforts of both students and teachers. Let them explore and have them exposed to a broader spectrum.